Royalties are paid monthly, approximately 90 days after the end of the month in which sales are made. (This is when we receive your royalties from retailers.)

Royalties can be received via PayPal, Direct Deposit (to U.S. bank accounts only), or check. If you elect to receive your royalties by Check, a $1.50 fee will be incurred and deducted from each payment.

If you have a bank account in the United States, you can opt to receive your payments via direct deposit at no cost. Simply print this form and send it back to us by fax (216-803-0350) or mail to the address below. 

Gatekeeper Press
Attention: Royalties
7853 Gunn Hwy, Suite 209
Tampa, FL 33626

We are not able to deposit royalties into non-US bank accounts, instead we send royalties to our non-US authors through PayPal.