The formula for determining your royalties is as follows:

(Retail Price * (1 - wholesale discount)) - printing cost

Retail Price: This is set by you. We generally advise authors to consider the following factors: 1) the amount of proceeds you wish to earn per sale, and 2) the price range of comparable titles (i.e. genre, page count, author credentials, etc.)

Wholesale Discount: Select the 40% online discount (suitable for online retailers) or the 53% brick and mortar discount (required for placement in brick and mortar outlets). The wholesale discount is the discount off your retail price that retailers and wholesalers will receive when purchasing your book. You can read more about wholesale discounts here.

Printing Cost: We use different printers to fulfill different retail orders. Factors that affect print costs include binding type, trim size, and whether a book has a black and white or color interior.

As a Gatekeeper author, you keep 100% of your book's proceeds. Gatekeeper Press does not take any portion of your sale and does not add a premium on your printing costs.

Click here for information on eBook payouts.