You can view your ePub file on your tablet and/or eReading device, or if you would like to open the file directly on your computer, you can do so by downloading Amazon’s free Kindle Previewer.

Please note, if you view your file through another program like Adobe Digital Editions, the formatting will not appear exactly as it would on an eReading device.

Print Books

After double-clicking the PDF file, select “View Page Display” from the top of the page and checkmark the “Two Page View” and “Show Cover Page in Two Page View” options. This will allow you to view the file on your computer screen as if it were an opened book. You can also print out a chapter or two to see how your printed book will look.

Reviewing Your Book

Always review your file closely to make sure everything looks great before we list your book for sale. We recommend reviewing your book three times, focusing on a different aspect each time:

  1. Check formatting, including headers/footers, spacing, Table of Contents, etc.
  2. Review any images and captions
  3. Read for grammatical errors and typos

Please note that we will correct any formatting-related issues free of charge, but we do charge content change fees due to their labor-intensive nature. If you need to submit an edit request, please use our content change request form here. Please download the file to your computer by clicking the downward arrow in the top right corner of the above link and selecting 'Direct Download' to begin adding your content changes. You will then email the new file that includes your changes to your Author Manager for your edits to be implemented.
For more information on how to fill out or submit this form, please watch this video demonstrating our requirements.

  • $40 for the first 10 changes
  • $65 for changes 11-25
  • $90 for changes 26-50
  • $125/hour for 51+ changes