You can choose whatever price you like for your book. We suggest considering:

  • How comparable books are priced. Search for books similar to yours on Amazon and see how they’re priced. You might find that books in Genre A are usually $3.99 while books in Genre B are typically $7.99.

  • How much you’ll make per sale. Note what your net earnings will be after retailer sales fees and printing costs are deducted. You can use this calculator to estimate your print royalties.

eBook Pricing

Some eBook Retailers pay out different royalty rates based on your eBook's list price, so please review this list before making your final determination. 

Print Edition Pricing

Your retail price must be high enough to cover the retailer discount and the printing cost of the book. Be sure to check your price against our Royalty Calculator.

Can I price my book differently in different places?

You can price your book differently in person versus online if you like, but we aren't able to price books differently on different sites (e.g., Price X on Amazon and Price Y on Barnes & Noble).