All of our books are printed-on-demand by third party manufacturers through a rapid, automated, digital print service. Because each book is made in its entirety each time an order is placed, there may be slight variation from order to order. Generally speaking, there may be a minimal amount of variance on the “look” of a book from order to order. With this in mind, there may be up to a 1/16” shift or +/-0.1 color density variation on any book manufactured by printing partners. Anything outside of this allowable variance is considered to be defective.

Defective copies are rare, but if you believe you have received defective copies, please contact us through our Post-Publication Support form with 1) your order number, 2) one or more photographs displaying the defects, and 3) a photograph of the information on the last interior page of your book (example here), if applicable. This will allow the manufacturer to investigate and determine whether to issue a refund or replacements.

Claims must be submitted within 30 days of receiving your order. After 30 days have passed we are unable to submit replacement or refund requests to the printer. Please be sure to always check your orders in their entirety quickly upon receipt.

If you or a customer receives defective or misprinted copies from a retailer (like Amazon or Barnes&, the customer must contact the retailer directly. The distribution partner should quickly issue a refund or replacement to the customer. Gatekeeper Press is unable to process any refunds or replacements on behalf of a retailer nor are we able to remove bad customer reviews due to defective copies. This is entirely up to the discretion of the retailer and their company policies on reviews.