Amazon offers an exclusive, optional program called KDP Select. Kindle titles enrolled in KDP Select are included in the following Amazon features:

  • Kindle Unlimited (KU). Readers can pay Amazon a monthly fee for unlimited access to all KU books. Subscribers can read as many KU books as they like at no extra cost.

  • Kindle Owners’ Lending Library (KOLL). Once per month, Amazon Prime readers can choose one KOLL book to read for free.

Unlike regular royalties, your KU and KOLL earnings are based on the number of pages readers read (not the number of books sold).

Kindle books enrolled in KDP Select cannot be sold anywhere but Amazon. (We can still distribute your print book elsewhere, just not the eBook.) If you enroll in KDP Select, you will have the ability to opt out of the program every 90 days. You can re-enroll your book whenever you like.

KDP is completely optional. Some authors like the exposure—KU/KOLL readers who don’t have to pay retail price may be more likely to read KDP Select books. Other authors prefer to offer their books on many different stores with traditional royalty rates.