Book descriptions are more than mere summaries—they’re powerful opportunities to hook readers and drive sales. Descriptions should address:

  • What your book is about. Briefly describe the subject or story. Give away just enough premise/theme/conflict to attract interest without going into too much detail; it’s better to create intrigue than to fully describe the plot.

  • Who should read your book. Whether your book is perfect for “fans of Gone Girl and Carrie” or “millennials” or “anyone planning to buy a house,” help your target audience recognize that this book is for them.

  • Why someone should read your book. Explain what readers will gain. Perhaps they’ll “learn to perform jaw-dropping magic tricks” or experience “heart-pounding adventure and thrills?” If you have endorsements, awards, or accolades, don’t hesitate to include them.

For ideas and guidance, we suggest reading the descriptions of books similar to yours on Amazon.