By default, Gatekeeper Press classifies its print-edition titles as “returnable” with online and brick and mortar booksellers in order to make our titles as widely available as possible. We do this because many booksellers, particularly brick and mortar booksellers, make “returnability” a prerequisite to even consider carrying a title. Note: you have the option to make your book non-returnable if you like in your New Title Questionnaire or by emailing your Author Manager.

When a book is returned, Gatekeeper Press refunds the proceeds of the original sale back to the bookseller. If you have a positive royalty balance in the month in which the return occurs, the return amount will be deducted from your royalties. If your returns exceed your total earnings in a given month, Gatekeeper Press reserves the right to invoice you for the balance owed and you have an obligation to reimburse Gatekeeper Press the amount owed within 30 days of receiving notice. If the balance owed is not reimbursed within 30 days of receiving notice, Gatekeeper Press reserves the right to disable distribution of your book(s) until reimbursement has been made.