By default, Gatekeeper Press classifies its print-edition titles as “returnable” with online and brick and mortar booksellers in order to make our titles as widely available as possible. We recommend selecting "return - destroy" as your returnability option. Many booksellers make “returnability” a prerequisite to even consider carrying a title. Destroying (rather than having the returned copies delivered to you) is less expensive to you as the author. 

If you have chosen to have returned copies delivered to you, a $3 fee will be deducted from your royalties, and you will be invoiced separately by Gatekeeper Press for the cost to ship the returned copies to you.

Note: you have the option to make your book nonreturnable if you like in our Book Returns form sent to you by your Author Manager when it comes time to pick your retail price(s). Some online retailers may refuse to carry your title on their site due to their return policies if you decide to select nonreturnable.

When a book is returned, Gatekeeper Press refunds the discounted price the retailer originally paid back to the bookseller. This is dependent upon the wholesale discount you select. This means that the return fee will be higher than the royalties you earned on the original sale, as the retailer is receiving a full refund on the price they paid for the book. If you have a positive royalty balance in the month in which the return occurs, the return amount will be deducted from your royalties. If your returns exceed your total earnings in a given month, Gatekeeper Press reserves the right to invoice you for the balance owed and you have an obligation to reimburse Gatekeeper Press the amount owed within 30 days of receiving notice. If the balance owed is not reimbursed within 30 days of receiving notice, Gatekeeper Press reserves the right to disable distribution of your book(s) until reimbursement has been made.

Retailers can return a book they've purchased from us at any time if you opt to make your book returnable. They are not required to return books in a set timeframe, which means the returns can process several months or even years after the sale is originally placed or after you've received royalties for that sale.

Only books returned in the US or Canada are eligible for delivery to the author. Returns from all other countries are automatically destroyed.